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In her newest Final Thoughts commentary, Tomi Lahren sounds off on the reaction by Hillary Clinton and others on the left to the Harvey Weinstein scandal

It's time for Final Thoughts and I'm not done with Harvey Weinstein - not yet.

More than two dozen women claim sexual harassment or assault and three say he raped them.  So why did it take Hillary Clinton five days to make a statement?  And why hasn't she given his money back?  Well, she's now saying there's no one to give it back to, so she'll donate it to charity.  It took you long enough.

And what about the Obamas? Michelle, you've been pretty vocal about your disdain for powerful white men lately but not so vocal about Weinstein. Is it because he's a Democrat? A donor? An ally of your husband? Hired your daughter for an internship last February?

Oh, the connections run deep. Weinstein - using his ties to the wealthy Hollywood and New York elite - gave or helped raise more than $75,000 for Barack Obama and the Clintons since at least 1995. Yeah, in total, Weinstein gave or helped raise - or "bundle" - $1.5 million for Democratic candidates over that time.

Maybe that chunk of change bought some silence and some good-old fashioned leftist bubble wrap, or maybe it's something else. Maybe the Democrats and the loud-mouth Hollywood liberals aren't as righteous as they would have us believe. They're not pro-woman, they are just anti-Trump. And trust me, there's a big difference.

Dozens of these actors and actresses knew what Weinstein did to pretty young women and even warned co-stars about him, but none had the guts to call it out.

Where were the pink hats for the last 25 years when known sexual predator Harvey Weinstein was preying on pretty young girls? Where were your marches? Your signs? I'm talking to all you activists who stood on stage at the Women's March and screamed about Donald Trump but remained silent about Weinstein for years, even though many of you knew he was a predator.

Actresses coming out decades after the fact are now deemed "brave." Brave? But what about Bill Clinton's accusers? Broaddrick, Willey, Jones. Aren't they brave too?

Maybe we should ask Hillary. Her limp response to this whole thing has proven once again she's not pro-woman, she's pro-Hillary. We all know Bill's history, but she stuck right by him, enabled it. Power was more important. Oh and how about Hillary's right-hand lady Huma Abedin? Her husband, Anthony Weiner, another known sexual predator. Turns out, the Left is full of 'em.

So don't you dare lecture us on feminism, women's issues, or female empowerment or tell us we voted against our voice when we voted for Donald Trump.

Obviously millions of women disagree Mrs. Obama, which is why Donald Trump is in the White House and Hillary Clinton is peddling books at Costco. Donald Trump speaks for me and millions of other conservative women who haven't had a voice in years.

But the left won't acknowledge that because it's not good for the narrative. The same way they wouldn't speak out against Weinstein because it didn't fit the agenda.

This house of cards built by the DNC, Hollywood, and the liberal elite is caving in faster than we can say, "Make America Great Again."

Those are my Final Thoughts. From L.A., God Bless and take care.

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