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A United States Marine surprised his mother at a family reunion, and the video is making people across the country smile.

Nekel Moore was hosting the reunion at her home in Los Angeles when her son, Naim Tauheed, unexpectedly showed up dressed in his uniform.

Moore was so shocked to see her son for the first time in two years that she screamed with joy and actually ran away. After the initial shock wore off, they embraced for a long hug.

On "Fox & Friends," Tauheed said that he had been deployed the Philippines for six months, and he found out that his deployment was going to end earlier than expected.

He knew that his mom had been planning the family reunion for about a year and had a firm date set. When he realized he would be able to attend, he called his father and coordinated the surprise.

"I was just so blown away. I was almost blown off of my feet when I saw him, because I didn't expect him to come," Moore said. "When I saw him walk through the door, it just floored me."

She said when she hugged him it was a "magical moment," and she didn't want to let him go.

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