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President Donald Trump on Wednesday lashed out at NBC News over a report that he wanted to drastically increase the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

In a series of tweets, Trump slammed the report that he had asked national security officials for a nearly tenfold increase in the country's nuclear stockpile, calling it "fake news" and suggesting that networks should have their licenses revoked.

On "Fox & Friends First" today, Lawrence Jones said that it's important to keep a free and open press, but there's no doubt that the mainstream media is biased toward the left.

"I don't think he should go after the press from a legal standpoint, because it's just against the First Amendment," Jones said. "But I do think the president has a point when he says some of the media is being dishonest."

He noted that many polls show the American people agree with the president's claim that many in the press have a left-leaning agenda.

"It's not a matter of pressing the president. I think all presidents, all politicians need to be pressed on issues. But when there's such an inconsistency to how they press Donald Trump versus Obama, I think that's the alarm that the American people are seeing," Jones said.

"Some of these stories ... are just pure fake news," he continued. "So I think that's what the president is talking about, and I think a lot of the American people agree with him."

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