John Kelly Rips Coverage of the Administration: 'Develop Some Better Sources'

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Laura Ingraham praised Chief of Staff John Kelly's press conference, saying it proved he is results-oriented.

Ingraham said that in the wake of the ongoing he-said/she-said between the president and the press, Kelly has become the "results guy" in the middle who speaks "directly" to the issue at hand.

"I just adore him. I respect his service. That 20 minutes [at the podium] is what we need more of in Washington," she said.

Ingraham said Kelly handled the White House leaks situation expertly when he told the press corps, "maybe develop some better sources."

"The White House does not want any more reports of constant chaos," Ingraham said, adding she believes people are getting tired of the "constant demonization" by both sides of the political aisle. 

She agreed that a majority of Americans want to see legislation moving through Congress and a vigorous debate by both parties. 

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