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Kennedy and Juan Williams got heated on "Outnumbered" today while debating President Donald Trump's executive order on health care.

The executive order aims to offer “alternatives” to ObamaCare plans and increase competition to bring down health insurance costs.

Williams said that Trump is essentially "sabotaging" ObamaCare when he doesn't have a better plan that insures more people and lowers costs, just so he can claim a political victory.

"You are completely off base here," Kennedy said, arguing that ObamaCare sabotaged health care and insurance in the U.S.

"It sucker punched people by forcing them to pay for insurance for sick people," she said. "That's what the entire setup is, forcing healthy people to buy plans they don't want and don't need to pay for sick people."

She used the example of men being forced to buy maternity care, which Williams dismissed as "ridiculous."

Lisa Boothe said that Democrats love to criticize Republican solutions to ObamaCare, but they offer none of their own to fix the "broken" health care law.

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