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Singer Joy Villa said sexual harassment and rape are deeply ingrained in the entertainment world, as evidenced by the fall of Harvey Weinstein.

"It's absolutely prominent," she said on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Villa said such lewd acts are kept secret because they're considered "normal."

She said it is common for high-level executives to "prey" upon new up-and-coming artists.

"People in the entertainment industry are not shocked by this," she said of the Weinstein scandal.

She said that when she was starting out, a Burbank, Calif. agency asked her to meet with its executive.

The executive closed the door and allegedly offered a sexual quid pro quo for her to be signed.

"If you make me feel good, I'll make you rich and famous," she said, characterizing the encounter.

"It was straight up prostitution," she said, adding that she was likely only one of many women propositioned by that particular agency in that way.

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