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Greg Gutfeld remarked on the tardiness of Hillary Clinton in condemning her longtime friend Harvey Weinstein.

"Serious allegations continue to emerge about an overbearing, creepy Democratic leader who harasses women," Gutfeld said. "But enough about [Bill Clinton]."

Gutfeld said that in the latest installment of her "2017 Women's Scorn Tour," Hillary Clinton finally took time to condemn Weinstein for allegedly sexually assaulting several women over 30 years.

"I was just sick. I was shocked... appalled. It was something that was intolerable in every way," she told CNN pundit Fareed Zakaria.

Gutfeld said Weinstein was appreciated in Democratic and Hollywood circles for his support of the party and Tinseltown's top issues.

He questioned why Clinton said she would give previous donations from Weinstein to charity.

"Yes, you can [give the money back]," he said. "You write a check to Harvey Weinstein and send it to him."

Gutfeld called Clinton the "personification of Hollywood," as she stood by Bill and dismissed women like Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey who came out against him.

"Every pig gets a pass when you're progressive," he said.

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