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Tucker Carlson criticized Hollywood and several members of the media and political sphere for all but enabling Harvey Weinstein to continue his alleged habit of sexually assaulting women.

Carlson said Weinstein's case isn't the first time Hollywood turned a blind eye to such allegations.

Producer Victor Salva went to jail after molesting a pre-teen in 1988, then was re-hired in Hollywood by the Walt Disney Company.

Director and child rapist Roman Polanski skipped the country and was later honored at the Oscars.

Carlson also said other actors like Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane didn't help the Weinstein case by riffing on it at an awards show a few years ago.

"Seth MacFarlane mocked lechery," Carlson said. "[Weinstein's alleged actions] are not a secret." 

"Please, they all knew," he said. "NBC News had the story months ago but didn't run it."

Carlson said NBC News boss Noah Oppenheim said reporter Ronan Farrow "didn't have [the story] nailed down" enough to run on air.

Farrow had collected several interviews and an NYPD police tape of Weinstein pressuring an actress into coming into his room, while the actress reprimanded him for groping her the previous day.

Carlson said New York County District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. passed on pressing charges despite "clearly having enough evidence."

An associate of Weinstein's later sent Vance's reelection campaign several thousand dollars, according to Carlson.

"Hollywood protected and legitimized Harvey Weinstein," Carlson said.

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