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Mark Steyn reacted to the Harvey Weinstein scandal on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

Steyn said the Weinstein story is not too different from the "Clinton Democrats" story.

He recalled a report of Weinstein encountering a French actress at Cannes and taking her to lunch.

There, Weinstein asked about her interest in a film role, but said he forgot the screenplay title - asking if she would come to his room to get the script and thereby, the name.

Weinstein reportedly went to use the restroom, and returned completely naked.

"That's progressive values in Hollywood in a nutshell," he said. "Oh, I'm totally committed for more roles for fierce, strong, independent women, and I'll consider giving one to you if you come up to my room and sexually service me."

Carlson agreed with Steyn that it also showed the Clintonian model of "accusing opponents of the exact same thing they're guilty of."

Steyn recalled how a verbal flub by former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) hypocritically led talk show hosts to dub his "binders full of women" comments a punchline for several weeks.

He said the left has been "completely heartless about the huge mountain of human debris" piled up by Weinstein over 30 years.

"They love humanity, but mistreat people," Carlson added.

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