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President Donald Trump is expected this week to "decertify" the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, which would leave the fate of the deal in Congress' hands.

On "Outnumbered" today, Gillian Turner said she thinks Trump will indeed decertify the agreement, because having to certify it every 90 days is a "thorn in the president's side."

Chris Stirewalt agreed, explaining that Trump basically must come back every three months and give former President Obama's deal a thumbs-up.

Turner said a second reason Trump will decertify the agreement is that he believes he can strike a better one.

"I don't think it's possible at this moment, based on the circumstances today," Turner said. "But he believes he can get a better deal, and he wants to start from scratch."

If Trump decertifies the deal, lawmakers would have 60 days to decide what to do about the agreement and if the U.S. will reimpose hefty pre-2015 sanctions on the rogue regime.

Turner said as bad as the deal might be, it's important for the U.S. to live up to the commitments we've made, not to Iran, but to our European allies.

Lisa Boothe said it will be a really tough decision for the president because the agreement involves so many other countries, including the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and the European Union.

"That being said, most can see that it was a bad deal," Boothe said.

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