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Tucker Carlson said the bigger scandal in the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case is the lack of action or reaction to his allegations.

Carlson said that, since Weinstein was a huge player in left-wing political circles when it comes to donations, his alleged abuses were likely ignored.

"Reactions from self-described defenders of women have been so muted," Carlson said.

He said the same actors who lecture about virtue from the Oscars podium were strangely silent on Weinstein.

"It seems clear that hundreds of people knew or suspected what Weinstein was doing," Carlson said.

He noted that Weinstein is not alone, in that Woody Allen has been dogged by similar claims and that director Roman Polanski was even given an award after he skipped the country to avoid prosecution for rape of a child.

Carlson called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to open an investigation into Hollywood's culture of "systematic sexual abuse" the same way the Obama administration did at colleges.

He said the DOJ previously opened two separate probes into the lack of action from Penn State University in State College, Pa., after assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of abuse.

Allegations had circulated that the late Coach Joe Paterno was told about Sandusky's behavior, and then-President Graham Spanier was probed for possible inaction in the face of the claims.

Spanier, along with two athletic staff members, Timothy Curley and Gary Schultz, were all convicted of child endangerment.

Carlson said Hollywood should be subjected to a similar probe.

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