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Tucker Carlson debated gun control with an ethics lawyer who demanded that "something" be done to fix the gun violence problem in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

Richard Painter, who served in the Bush administration, accused the NRA of circulating "blood money" among Republicans and said Congress must work on solutions to gun violence.

"Americans are sick of political hacks talking about condolences and sympathy while stuffing NRA blood money in their pockets. Do something," Painter tweeted.

Carlson asked Painter to provide further specifics: "How many weapons in what period of time should trigger a visit to your house from authorities?"

Painter, a vice chairman of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington who teaches at the University of Minnesota, said such a decision should be up to law enforcement, saying police should know who is caching weapons.

He said they should pay that person a visit and ask about possible ties to radical groups like the KKK or ISIS.

Carlson said that, by that metric, cops should pay unscheduled visits to Muslim men because a majority of terror attacks are committed by that demographic.

Painter said that a "vast majority" of Muslims don't commit terrorist acts, to which Carlson responded that a "vast majority of people with guns don't tend to shoot up concerts."

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