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Tucker: Media 'Putting Thumb on the Scale' Instead of Explaining DACA Policy

Tucker Carlson said that the political left finally found the only immigrant it deems unworthy to come to America.

He said liberals accused this immigrant of "violating the sovereignty of the people who lived here, [and] was the wrong ethnicity."

That man was Christopher Columbus.

But, Carlson warned against making that counterargument in public situations about any other immigrant or groups of immigrants.

"See how long you keep your job," he said.

"Happy Columbus Day anyway. Enjoy it while you can - your grandchildren won't even know it existed."

He called the battle over Christopher Columbus the latest in the left's "war on anything older than last week."

"The left speaks only about Columbus' genocide. His ships returned to Europe with syphilis and tobacco," he added.

Carlson said that last fact helps prove that the battle over Columbus isn't about the Italian explorer.

It instead represents the latest volley in the "full scale assault from within on the West itself."

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