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In her newest Final Thoughts commentary, Tomi Lahren takes on the Hollywood left's response to sexual harassment allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein...

Oh, it’s time for Final Thoughts and I have a question for the self-righteous Hollywood liberals. Why so silent on your boy Harvey Weinstein? Seems to me a powerful white man with a long history of sexual harassment would be at the top of your attack list.

But not this time. I wonder why. 

Could it be because Harvey Weinstein is one of your own?

Could it be the wealth, power and longtime support for the Democratic Party that has your tongue?

Over the last 25 years he’s given about $800,000 to your candidates and causes so I’m not surprised.

Where was Jimmy Kimmel when the story first broke? The self-appointed moral leader of our time finally tweeted his disgust over the weekend. What took so long?

When the Trump Access Hollywood tape came out, late night hosts and Hollywood liberals clutched their pearls like the world was ending. It was literally all they talked about - and they’re still talking about it.

But why not Harvey Weinstein?  Couldn't fit it in between the anti-Trump and anti-gun propaganda?

These Hollywood and entertainment types like to think they are so brave, so morally superior. No. You're not brave. You're the most spineless and intolerant bunch of people I've ever seen.

You blacklist, shun and shame conservatives. Your agencies and production companies are disgusted by Trump supporters but represent and enrich wife-beaters, drug dealers and sexual predators.

You cry about gun control and take a stand against law-abiding gun owners but are too scared to call out the crooks and criminals in your own circles.

You’re pro-black, pro-woman, pro-LGBT but only if those individuals agree with your politics. Your model of diversity exists where everyone looks different but thinks the same.

Do you have any Trump-supporting friends? Any that can actually admit it, anyway? Your writers, your agents, producers - any vocal Trump supporters in the bunch?  Didn’t think so.

And no, not everyone who thinks differently from you is a racist or a bigot or intolerant. In fact, you're the most unloving and intolerant people around.

You should expand your horizons and your leftist bubbles and maybe then and you'll start to understand why Trump won. Life, culture and politics are not decided solely by the elitists in New York and L.A..

Those in the middle, the South, the flyover states - we are the ones watching your movies, your games, your award shows and your late night banter - or at least we did until you made sports and entertainment into an anti-Trump, anti-conservative hate fest.

See what’s happening to the NFL? Get ready, because you keep this up and you'll have low ratings, empty theaters, empty stands and President Trump in the White House for 4 more.

L.A. has conservatives. Public universities have conservatives. Minority and immigrant communities have conservatives. They are just too intimidated to speak out because they are surrounded by this constant leftist group-think.

These celebrities sit around other filthy rich entertainers and look down on people who don't vote like they do. Sounds rather close-minded to me from a group of people that pride themselves on peace, love and tolerance. It’s all an act.

They use and adore guns on screen. They are pro-military when they can make a buck off a movie, pro-cop when they need protection and silent when one of their own gets away with sexual harassment.

Hollywood, you don't do what's right, you do what's popular and what's going to get you your next million dollar paycheck. That's not courage. That's not guts. That's not integrity.

Conservatives with courage, conviction and a platform are threatening to you.  Well, I’m your worst nightmare. Dirty Democrats with Hollywood connections, your hall pass has expired.

Those are my final thoughts. From L.A., God bless and take care.

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