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A town in Long Island, New York, is offering to take any Christopher Columbus statues that surrounding communities no longer want.

Joseph Saladino, the Republican supervisor of Oyster Bay, joined "Fox & Friends" today to respond to the increasing left-wing backlash against the monuments.

He urged anyone who sees Columbus statues being defaced or vandalized to take pictures or video and call police. 

So far, he says no offers have come in to his office to relocate any statues. He said the town would display any newly-received statues in a prominent location.

Saladino said people need to take another look at the history surrounding Columbus, who is a source of pride for Italian-Americans. 

"People have to embrace real history. ... These [protests] divide a nation and are counterproductive to their goals," he added.

Some communities have removed Columbus' name from the holiday, calling it "Indigenous Peoples Day" instead.

Watch the interview above.

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