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A note found in the hotel room of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock contained detailed calculations for firing down on a country music festival. 

On "60 Minutes," the police officers who were the first to reach the 32nd floor detailed what they saw when they entered the room after Stephen Paddock committed suicide. 

"I noticed a note on the nightstand near his shooting platform," said Las Vegas police officer Dave Newton.

"He had written the distance, the elevation and the drop of what his bullet would be for the crowd. He had that figured out so he would know where to shoot to hit his targets from there."

In the crime-scene photos of Paddock's Mandalay Bay suite, a piece of paper was visible on a table. In the days after the shooting, many had speculated it was a suicide note, as authorities continue to search for a clear motive.

On "America's Newsroom," David Shepherd, former security director at the Venetian resort, said Paddock's planning was far more extensive than what he's seen in other mass shootings.

He noted that Paddock was a multi-millionaire and unlike other mass shooters, could obtain the resources to carry out the meticulous plot. 

The officers who first reached the room said they saw power tools, an "armory" of weapons, monitors, electrical equipment and a camera hooked up to a room service cart outside the room. 

The officers said they were worried that the wires leading to the room service cart were connected to an explosive device.

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