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Tucker Carlson said the media is distorting the conversation on immigration reform by "framing it as a contest between good and evil."

"Rather than unpack this and explain what exactly is the White House asking for and what exactly is the opposition to it ... they're framing it, putting a thumb on the scale," Tucker said on "Outnumbered Overtime" on Monday.

The Trump administration gave Congress six months to find a legislative solution to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which some have criticized as unconstitutional. To extend the program past that deadline, the administration is asking for several immigration reforms in return including crackdowns on “sanctuary cities," lowering refugee numbers, and hiring 10,000 more border patrol agents.

Meanwhile, Democrats are openly encouraging illegal immigration to the Unites States, Tucker added.

Last week House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi congratulated illegal immigrants for coming to America illegally.

"The idea that cities and municipalities should have to follow federal law is a settled debate," Tucker said.

He asked why some are against allowing into the U.S. only those who will contribute something of value.

"What's the argument against that, that it's immoral to ask people to bring something when they move here?" Tucker asked.

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