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Heather McDonald called out late night comics for their radio silence on the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal when they have no qualms bashing President Trump nightly.

"For them being in Hollywood it might just not be worth it to make fun of Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein company," she remarked.

Late night hosts have bashed the president on topics ranging from the rollback of the contraception mandate to the Trump administration's foreign policy.

McDonald, best known for her writing and appearances on the E! series "Chelsea Lately" said she decided last year that her podcast "Juicy Scoop" would be an escape from politics.

"It does get a little tiring," the actress and comedian told "Fox & Friends" on Monday. "There are people who would love to have a choice of watching something that could take their mind off all the turmoil that's going on in our world."

"I wish there was something else to watch before you went to bed."

She added that she bets the comedians are secretly glad Donald Trump won the White House because he gives them easy comic material.

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