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Former "Superman" Dean Cain said the breaking allegations against film production mogul Harvey Weinstein were entirely predictable.

"Not in the least," Cain said when asked by Tucker Carlson whether the news came as a shock to the former "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" host.

Cain called sexual harassment claims against Weinstein the "worst kept secret in Hollywood."

Carlson said it was unbelievable that Hollywood, which routinely voices its support for women's rights, could turn a blind eye to Weinstein for 30 years.

"Hollywood loves to wave the self-righteous finger," Cain said. "People want a leg up and Harvey Weinstein is an extremely powerful man and an absolute bully."

He said that only Comedy Central's John Oliver made a single Weinstein joke, and that the scandal has gone without comment from the rest of late night on-air.

Cain called Weinstein's apology letter "ridiculous" and scoffed at the producer's claim that he would now go to work against the National Rifle Association.

He said that one of the allegations loosely involved a woman who Weinstein invited to his hotel room and later coerced into watching him while he took a shower.

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