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In a wide-ranging and revealing interview on "OBJECTified," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained his decision to return to Israel after going to high school in America.

Host Harvey Levin asked what American values Netanyahu brought back to Israel with him. 

"Initiative, meritocracy," he explained.

"That the way you advance is through merit. That a society should be open to all to compete. That if you invest effort and ingenuity, you are likely to succeed. These are strong American values that I have resonance, I think, in Jewish values," he said.

Netanyahu went to middle and high school outside Philadelphia, graduating from Cheltenham High School before returning to Israel to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces.

He said despite being on a successful path in the United States, he never considered staying. 

"I had a very strong identity having been born [in Israel] and having been raised here, knowing Jewish history. I never thought of my life as separate from the life of my people, my country. I think they're intertwined," he said. 

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