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Judge Jeanine Pirro said Hillary Clinton is making a desperate plea to be relevant by "manipulating the pain the anger" of the Las Vegas shooting.

"I can't believe that one whole political party in the greatest country on earth is totally sold to the gun lobby," Clinton said on "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon" Wednesday.

Clinton stated that "of course" the GOP and NRA are complicit in America's "gun epidemic."

"Hillary, there's a reason you lost the election," Judge Jeanine said. "As Americans come together, you seek to divide, not empathize, showing just how hollow  a tin man you are."

"Just as we cannot blame all Muslims for the actions of a few, how about you not blame all gun owners for the actions of Paddock," Judge Jeanine said.

"How dare you connect law-abiding citizens exercising our second amendment rights to a mass murderer of innocent civilians," the judge continued. "How dare you call us 'complicit' with a wack-job, a misfit, who is the epitome of evil."

"Hillary, stop trying to be Joan of Arc. Your words ring hollow."

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