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Alan Dershowitz weighed in on President Trump's ominous "calm before the storm" comment that has the media buzzing.

"I think what he's saying is the current status quo is unacceptable," the Harvard law professor emeritus told "Fox & Friends" on Saturday.

President Trump remarked at a dinner with military leaders Friday night that the gathering might represent "the calm before the storm." When pressed by reporters he said "You'll find out."

The president's comment was a warning to North Korea and Iran, Dershowitz said.

"Iran is going to get a nuclear bomb in ten years if they comply with the deal. North Korea is only getting worse. We cannot allow this to continue."

The lawyer warned that America must renegotiate the Iran deal so that nation is not allowed to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles or designs capable of being used for explosives.

"There's going to be a storm. What the storm is nobody knows."

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