Tomi Lahren: I'm So Sick of Celebs, Elitists Looking Down on Gun Owners

Authorities Looking for 'Mystery Woman' Seen With Las Vegas Gunman

The Las Vegas massacre has led to many Democratic lawmakers and liberals pushing for stricter gun control legislation.

Larry O'Connor, a radio host and Mediaite contributing editor, wrote a recent piece pointing out that many on the left declare the U.S. government to be evil and racist, while simultaneously arguing that evil and racist government should determine who can and cannot arm themselves.

"I don't know about you, but if a hurricane comes or some other natural disaster and the government actually can't do anything or won't do anything to help me, I'd like to have a gun around at my disposal," O'Connor said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

Carlson pointed out that no matter when or where a mass shooting occurs, Democratic lawmakers default to blaming Middle America and the Second Amendment.

O'Connor suggested it's no coincidence that they try and blame the people who put President Trump in the White House.

"For how many months have we been told Donald Trump is a fascist, he's this century's Adolf Hitler?" O'Connor said. "Now, if our Democratic republic is so fragile that Adolf Hitler could become our president, my God, why would we not want to be able to arm ourselves?"

"And why would we want 'Adolf Hitler' to be the one who decides who gets a gun and who doesn't?" he continued. "We've seen that story play out. It's not a good one."

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