A newly-released video shows the terrifying scene as a gunman opened fire on a country music concert in Las Vegas. 

The footage was taken by Raymond Page, a city traffic technician who was working at the show. 

He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he pulled out his cell phone and began recording, thinking he could capture evidence of the attacker. 

The footage shows terrified fans streaming out of the venue and onto the Strip, as officers directed them where to go and implored them to run from the area. 

The Mandalay Bay hotel, where the gunman fired from on the 32nd floor, can be seen in the clip. 

"Those are shots! Run, don’t walk!" an officer shouted at the concertgoers.

The video includes periods of silence followed by bursts of more gunfire. Authorities said the gunman, Stephen Paddock, used "bump stocks" so he could fire more rounds with his semi-automatic weapons. 

Watch a portion of the video above and the full footage, here