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Authorities Looking for 'Mystery Woman' Seen With Las Vegas Gunman

On "Fox & Friends," Mark Steyn said there was nothing accidental or coincidental about the Las Vegas massacre.

He explained that gunman Stephen Paddock had a detailed plan in place before he opened fire on an outdoor music festival, killing at least 58 and wounding more than 500.

Steyn pointed out that Paddock had even booked hotel rooms overlooking other concerns in recent weeks.

"This is not a guy who snapped. This is a meticulous man who has had this in mind for months," Steyn said. "This behavior is a lot closer to that of a contract killer than some wacko who snaps."

As for speculation about what could have motivated Paddock to commit such an evil act, Steyn said it's possible that many or even all of the explanations that have been hypothesized are correct.

"It could be both some kind of complex psychological relationship with his father, who was a career criminal. It might even be that ISIS is correct and he sent an email to somebody, saying, 'I’m going to do this for you guys,'" Steyn said. "The thing is, this guy is so unlike all the other characters that actually you really have to throw away the standard playbook on these things."

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