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Authorities Looking for 'Mystery Woman' Seen With Las Vegas Gunman

Sean Hannity was joined tonight by two Las Vegas police officers who responded to the scene of Sunday's horrific mass shooting.

It was only Officer Brady Cook's second day on the job, and he was shot by the gunman.

"I didn't expect it, but it's what I signed up for. When stuff goes down, I want to be there to face evil and protect the good, innocent people that need it," Cook said.

After he was hit, his partner, Officer Joshua Haynes, grabbed him and they started running down Las Vegas Boulevard.

"The shooter traced us. I don't know how we didn't get shot more. He was tracing us with gunfire," Cook said, explaining that they managed to steal a patrol car and rush to the hospital.

Haynes described total chaos when they initially arrived at the scene, since they didn't know how many gunmen there were and where they might be located.

"By the time we realized exactly where the rounds were coming from, the rounds were coming down like raindrops," Haynes said. "There were so many impact points that all we could do was try to hunker down."

He said when Cook was hit, his main concern was to get him the medical care he needed.

"When I stripped his shirt and I pulled his vest off, I could see two impact points. It was one under the arm and it looked like there was a second one going through the chest," Haynes said. "I was concerned he had a lung injury. And at that point, it was a matter of minutes. ... I knew I just had to get him to a trauma center."

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