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Sisters of Vegas Shooter's Girlfriend: He Was Insular, Gave One-Word Answers to Questions

Author and conservative commentator Ann Coulter accused the media of being "strangely reluctant" to pursue details on the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock.

She said for five days, key questions about Paddock's movements and motive remain unanswered.

"The media won't ask. That's what I find the most interesting. They seem strangely reluctant to pursue this. ... The media wants to say it's a white male. They decided that on Day 1. Any other information that would change that narrative, they simply don't want to know," she said. 

Coulter said she's not trying to push any conspiracy theories, but the lack of information about Paddock is actually driving such claims. 

She added that concert-goers spoke of a woman who was shouting before the concert "you're all gonna die."

"It was probably just a crazy woman, but can we find out?!" she asked. 

Stuart Varney agreed that it's an "important" question and the woman was never located. Earlier, Claudia Cowan reported that authorities are trying to locate a "mystery woman" - not his girlfriend Marilou Danley - who was seen with Paddock in the days before the shooting. 

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