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Tucker Carlson said that many people on the left have begun calling for restrictions on or a repeal of the Second Amendment.

He debated a member of gun control advocacy group on the merits of those claims as well as what policies would've prevented the Las Vegas massacre.

Carlson asked Avery Gardiner of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence whether Americans should have the right to own firearms.

Gardiner said her group doesn't want to take away weapons from law-abiding citizens, but instead prevent gun violence by keeping them out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them.

"What legislative solutions would've prevented what we saw on Sunday night?" Carlson asked.

Gardiner said that in the case of shooter Stephen Paddock, a background check my not have prevented the mass murder, but that regulations on things like "bump stocks" would have possibly lessened the casualty count.

She also mentioned the issue of high-capacity magazines being available for civilian use.

Carlson said Paddock had dozens of magazines, so the high-capacity argument would be moot in this case.

"We need to be focused on what would prevent the next shooting," Gardiner said.

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