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Authorities believe it's unlikely that the Las Vegas gunman targeted jet fuel tanks located at an airport next to the scene of the massacre. 

Adam Housley reported from the city this morning that law enforcement sources he spoke to pushed back on a report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. 

"Every single person we've spoken to that's associated with this case said that is not likely," he reported.

Housley said Stephen Paddock was spraying the area around the country music festival at 180 degrees in an attempt to mow down as many people as possible. 

Some of the tanks ended up being hit, but none of them exploded. Authorities believe Paddock was planning for the attack at that location for two months. 

In addition, he said police body camera footage shows flashes coming off of different parts of the mirrored Mandalay Bay hotel during the attack. Those images have sparked conspiracy theories about shooters on other floors. 

"That would help explain why people think they saw stuff on different levels and floors, because of the mirrored buildings," said Housley.

He said it also explains why it took them longer to figure out the location of gunman and rule out a second shooter.

Watch the report above.

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