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Performer Nancy Sinatra tweeted Thursday that the "murderous members of the NRA" should be executed by a firing squad.

The "You Only Live Twice" singer tweeted the message in response to another man's tweet declaring the "burden of proof" in the Las Vegas massacre should be placed on the Virginia-based gun rights advocacy group.

However, a few hours later, her initial tweet was deleted.

Sinatra, daughter of the late American icon Frank Sinatra, received harsh blowback from critics on Twitter and later replied that she "didn't say every" member of the NRA, just the "murderous ones."

I didn't say every one, I said the "murderous members of the NRA"

— Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) October 5, 2017

Conservative pundit Kurt Schlichter riffed on one of Mrs. Sinatra's famous song titles, saying that evidently "These Boots Were Made For Killing."

Mrs. Sinatra is also not a fan of President Trump, whose son Donald Jr. blasted her remarks.

"Not a chance," Mrs. Sinatra tweeted in all-caps earlier this year to a man who suspected Ol' Blue Eyes would have supported Trump despite his daughter's politics.

The elder Sinatra, who died in 1998, had a mixed political history.

He was famously pictured sitting with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and was a staunch supporter of the JFK-era Democratic Party, up until the time they ran Sen. George McGovern (D-S.D.) against Richard Nixon.

Mr. Sinatra later endorsed his friend and fellow actor, Ronald Reagan, donating millions to his 1980 campaign and organizing his inaugural ball.

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