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The Five discussed CNN's Chris Cuomo, who appeared to take issue with White House adviser Kellyanne Conway labeling Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock a "madman."

Lisa Boothe said Cuomo, brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), was trying to make Conway speak in politically-correct terms.

Conway spoke of "innocent people enjoying themselves at a concert... who were victimized by a madman."

"We don't know if he was a madman, he could've just been really evil," Cuomo responded.

Greg Gutfeld said Cuomo could've been trying to impress his colleagues at the network by parsing Conway's words.

Jesse Watters said, when it comes to clinical terminology like "madman," observers should respond to Cuomo the same way Hillary Clinton did to questions about details of the Benghazi attack: "What difference... does it make?"

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