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Tucker Carlson debated Amer Zahr, who said the media goes too easy on white men who carry out mass shootings, while labeling Muslims and other minority groups "terrorists" in those circumstances.

"I don't see that the guy's race as relevant, so why is it central to my analysis?" Carlson asked.

Zahr, of the University of Detroit-Mercy, said that the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando was immediately labeled terrorism, before it was concluded that the situation was "much more complicated."

Zahr said the media immediately gives white men the "privilege" of "act[ing] as an individual."

Carlson said Zahr was conflating race with ideology, in that a majority of terror attacks he cited were carried out by Muslims on behalf of their religion.

Zahr reiterated that there is a double standard on the issue, saying that a white man with 42 guns who kills dozens in Nevada should be identified immediately as a terrorist no matter his skin color.

"[Terrorism] has become an ethnic slur," he said.

Carlson again focused on the difference between Zahr's mentions of "white" versus "Muslim."

"It's not a race it's a creed," he said, adding that in his Orlando example, the shooter told police he was committing murder for Allah.

Zahr said that the Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the Boston bombings were literally Caucasian because they came from the Caucasus Mountains in western Asia.

Carlson said Zahr was committing "intellectual laziness" on the differences between an ethnicity and a religion.

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