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Entertainment journalist and TV host Robin Leach reacted to the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre.

Leach, who for years hosted "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous," is a longtime resident of Las Vegas.

"The show must go on," Leach said. "We cannot live in a world where one deranged individual... can affect the lives of so many other people."

He said that Vegas has been a "tale of two cities," demarcating the Strip from the outer community that "cares compassionately for those who were killed."

"Our business is tourism. If we were in the sunglasses business, we'd still be making sunglasses today," he said of the community.

He said the attack showed the public the true spirit of the city, "not strip clubs and alcohol excesses [but] compassion love and caring for others of the community."

Leach said he may have witnessed the immediate aftermath of the attack.

He said he was driving west on Tropicana Boulevard toward his home when numerous police cars rushed eastbound past him.

Leach said he believes there may no longer be concerts outdoors on the strip after the attack.

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