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A person dressed as the Monopoly board game's Uncle Pennybags silently crashed a Congressional hearing on the Equifax data breach, in video published by Roll Call.

Equifax CEO Richard Smith was testifying about an unauthorized data breach that affected millions of consumers whose identities were held by the company, and apparently failed to notice Pennybags behind him.

Sporting a top hat, monocle and signature white mustache, Pennybags sat through the hearing just off to Smith's left, occasionally wiping "sweat" from his brow with large bills of play money.

Amanda Werner, a member of the advocacy group Public Citizen turned out to be the person dressed as "The Monopoly Man," according to CNBC.

In the 1935 board game, Rich Uncle Pennybags ushers players around a board populated by the streets of Atlantic City, N.J., where they can purchase properties, utilities and regional railroads like the Reading or Baltimore & Ohio lines.

Public Citizen said they sent Uncle Pennybags to the hearing to "send a message [about] forced arbitration."

The group said the policy unfairly favors big companies over consumers seeking damages in cases like the massive hack.

They said it gives Equifax a "monopoly" over the justice system.

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