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As bullets sprayed around him, a Marine Corps veteran immediately moved to save those being gunned down during the Las Vegas massacre Sunday night.

Taylor Winston jumped a fence and ran to a parking lot hoping he would find keys still in one of the trucks there, and sure enough he found them the first truck he tried.

He looked at his girlfriend and said, "Let's go get some people."

The duo transported around 20 to 30 people in two trips to the hospital until it looked like paramedics had the situation under control.

"We were just trying to go down the line of the dozens and dozens of people that were already being pulled out to the street," Winston recalled to "America's Newsroom."

"Torso wounds, limbs, neck. Everyone was just critically injured," he remembered. "There was blood everywhere. ... No ambulances were on scene yet."

They fit as many people as they could into the truck each trip, but Winston said it was hard to pack up and leave when so many still needed help.

"Unfortunately terrorism exists," Winston said. "I just hope it doesn't keep people from enjoying events like these. They're the best time of the year for many families and friends."

The marine's girlfriend helped throw people in van even though she had broken bones from a previous injury.

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