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As people fled the scene in Las Vegas where dozens were massacred by a gunman Sunday night, paramedic Brian Rogers ran into the danger.

Rogers got a call from his daughter, who was attending the concert, after he had gone to bed.

"Daddy, they're shooting at me, and there's people dead!" he heard as he picked up the phone.

Rogers, who operates the ambulances booked for the event, told her to get into the medical tent and told a member of his team to find her.

He immediately rushed to the scene of the concert, coordinating an emergency response by radio with his team the entire time, but did not let them drive too close until he knew it was safe.

When he arrived people were fleeing and some were "just lying around," Rogers recalled.

The paramedic pronounced dead dozens of the 59 people killed in the attack.

"I'm not going to let one crazy SOB ruin the rest of my life or my family's life. We're going to live life like we want to," he told "Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy. "And I think I have to do that to honor those that gave so much on that night."

Watch the emotional interview above.

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