WATCH: Tucker Debates Columnist Over Profiling White Men After Las Vegas Attack

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Tucker Carlson debated Mediaite managing editor Colby Hall, who wrote a piece called "The Scariest Part of the Las Vegas Massacre: The Pro-Gun Message That Nothing Can Be Done."

Carlson said that politicians and people like Hall "speak confidently" about weapons that only "few of them have handled."

Hall said that he wants to see solutions that will at least lessen the frequency of mass casualty attacks.

He called it "irresponsible" that people who support the Second Amendment would reportedly claim that such acts are "the price of freedom."

Carlson said Hall was suggesting "that you have an answer that the lesser mortals are ignoring."

"What laws should Congress be taking up?" he asked.

Hall said he would support a ban on bump stocks, which allow semi-auto rifles to become basically automatic weapons

"If it lessens frequency [of attacks] I support [it]," he said.

He called for more regulatory "friction" to prevent people from converting guns into automatic weapons.

Carlson dismissed Hall's idea that stricter background checks or a bump stock ban would stop future attacks.

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