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Tucker Carlson debated Ruben Navarrette, a columnist who wrote that it is appropriate to profile white people who buy large quantities of guns the same way that Muslims are allegedly profiled at airports and minorities are during traffic stops.

"How did white men get to be so special in an era where many mass shootings are linked to gunmen who fit that profile?" Navarrette wrote. "Why is it considered outrageous to say that this demographic deserves extra scrutiny?"

He specified to Carlson that he meant white males who purchase large amounts of ammunition and weaponry.

"They're good people to keep an eye on," he said.

Carlson said that nothing struck him out of the ordinary about Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, adding that "most people don't look... through the lens of race."

Navarrette said that in the wake of the shooting, many people he knows from various communities all expressed a collective "jeez I hope it wasn't one of ours."

"In terms of Latinos and African Americans," he said. "They are afraid of white men with 42 guns in their arsenal who walk around with a grievance...," he said.

Carlson responded that Navarrette was speaking broadly in a derogatory way about an entire race, no matter his clarifications.

"I'm hoping to make you think about what you just said," Carlson said.

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