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Amid unconfirmed reports that Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock videotaped himself murdering dozens of people, new recordings emerged of the interior of his hotel suite.

Shepard Smith shared images obtained by the New York Post - Fox News' corporate cousin - that show a room service tray outside Paddock's room.

Another photo shows a rifle resting on a bipod.

Fox's Boston affiliate reported that Paddock altered his semi-automatic cache using bump stocks, which allow for fully-automatic firing.

In addition to shooting at the hundreds of people at the Route 91 Harvest music festival, Paddock shot and wounded two security guards at the Mandalay Bay casino, before killing himself.

Catherine Herridge reported Paddock worked as a letter carrier, despite being a multi-millionaire real estate investor.

He also sent large sums of money overseas but has a very scant social media footprint.

Some people who knew him also said he was "unstable."

His father, Benjamin "Bingo Bruce" Paddock, was a bank robber who was once posted on the FBI's Most Wanted List.

Fox News reported the elder Paddock changed his name and lived for several years in the Eugene, Ore. area before his arrest in 1978.

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