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Hannity on Dems' Gun Control Push After Tragedy: 'The Left Has No Shame'

Laura Ingraham said it's "despicable" that Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats are calling for gun control immediately after the Las Vegas massacre, which left at least 59 people dead and 527 injured.

Clinton took heat on social media Monday for suggesting the mass shooting would have been even worse if the NRA had succeeded in making silencers easier to obtain.

Ingraham said it's clear that Clinton doesn't know anything about guns, because a suppressor would not have done much to mute the sound of the gunman’s high-powered rifles.

"If Hillary Clinton wants to run for president again and take the Second Amendment to the ballot box, I think she should do it," Ingraham said. "Everyone who's upset who thinks we can pass gun laws to stop an evil person from killing a lot of people with a car, a van, a gun, whatever, they should run for office and make that point. And if that's what happens, I guess the courts will have to discern what's truly constitutional under our Second Amendment."

She argued that most Americans are sick of tragedies like this being politicized, and the focus should be on the victims and the heroic actions of first responders.

She acknowledged that we should have a vigorous debate about guns, but the immediate calls for gun control are "despicable."

"They hadn't even removed all the human remains from the site when Hillary Clinton was making her idiotic comment about the silencer," Ingraham said.

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