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Greg Gutfeld discussed the late night TV hosts' take on the Las Vegas music festival massacre.

CBS' James Corden, who is originally from Britain, said that back home, he didn't have mass shootings at the same frequency as in the United States.

Comedy Central's Trevor Noah said many Americans place their preference on "a gun before your lives."

CBS' Stephen Colbert called for Congressional action, suggesting that legislators "do something" because "doing nothing is cowardice."

Gutfeld said that Colbert at least offered suggestions, while the others offered narratives.

He asked aloud where such a montage of clips could be found for the 4,300 people killed by gun violence in Chicago last year.

"I don't blame them at all," he said of the comedians. "In the circles they run in, such outrage is required."

He said that some people have called for a ban on bump stocks, a firearm apparatus that allows the trigger to fire in an automatic manner, even if the gun is a semi-auto.

Gutfeld said that a recent statistic showed that while gun ownership increased by 50 percent over the past several years, the murder rate dropped by more than half in that same time.

"The media focuses on the gun before all is known," Gutfeld said.

"Focusing on a weapon allows you to spread some blame onto people you already dislike," he said of those who are critical of Trump supporters, Republicans and NRA members.

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