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In her newest Final Thoughts commentary, Tomi Lahren reacts to the Las Vegas massacre...

Las Vegas, I have no words to describe how heartbroken I am. Las Vegas was my college town, it was my home for four years. My heart breaks for you, for the city, for what you’re going through.

The deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history with the death toll rising by the hour. It’s times like these and tragedies like this that put it all in perspective. Those innocent people at that concert weren’t Democrats or Republicans, they were Americans. It’s sick and sad some can’t see it that way. Like the now former CBS vice president and senior counsel who took to Facebook to say quote: I’m actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often are Republican gun toters."

Listen here Hayley Geftman-Gold, it’s those Republican gun-toters who would risk their lives to protect you in any active shooter situation and it’s very sad you’re too ignorant and hateful to see it that way. You make me sick but you’re not the only one.

Last year’s failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wasted zero time before she made this tragedy into an anti-gun political talking point. First of all Hillary, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Second, how dare you. You’re going to blame this senseless shooting on the NRA and law-abiding gun owners, really? For what? To advance your own agenda and political aspirations? Do some soul-searching and learn about firearms before you open your mouth.

The notion that a crazed, heartless monster willing and excited to slaughter thousands of innocent concert-goers from the 32nd floor of a hotel would somehow be stopped by more gun control is liberal logic at its most tone deaf.

And need I remind you, when shots rang out it wasn't the kneelers, it wasn't protesters, it wasn't Hollywood liberals who ran into danger to serve and protect, it was our police officers who held the line as they always do. When chaos and violence erupt, police officers and first responders don’t care what color you are, who you voted for, or even how you feel about them. They are the first ones in, the last ones out and sadly, some never return home to their loved ones. Amidst all the speculation, all the motive-seeking, all the politics, one thing is certain, our police officers and first responders are heroes among us and Las Vegas is blessed with some of the finest.

Las Vegas, we are with you. From L.A., God bless and take care.

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