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Rush Limbaugh: DC Establishment Afraid 'Outsider' Trump Will 'Redo Everything'

Judge Jeanine Pirro warned establishment Senate Republicans that the American people are gunning to replace them in 2018 with more populist candidates. 

Judge Roy Moore won the Republican primary runoff for Jeff Sessions' Senate seat last week in an upset that Pirro said is indicative of the way other congressional races will go.

President Trump went all in for sitting Sen. Luther Strange against Moore, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's super PACs invested $9 million to Strange's campaign at the president's request.

However, "the base decided that Moore has Donald Trump's back and Luther has McConnell's back," the judge explained on "Justice" Saturday.

"Moore is a horseback-riding cowboy who knows how to handle a weapon, a constitutional Christian conservative," she reminded.

Moore is "the kind of man who simply cannot be bought," and his election signals an upcoming insurrection in the 2018 elections, Pirro warned.

Establishment Senate Republicans have shown themselves to be "lying, thieving slugs" who cannot pass meaningful legislation, she continued.

Moore's election was "all about the new populist movement in America," the judge concluded.

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