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Tucker Carlson debated the founder of the Satanic Temple on his show Friday and called him out as "just a troll" trying to bother others.

The Satanic Temple's newest project is a campaign to seek out Christian bakeries and ask them to bake cakes honoring Satan. The effort is allegedly to show support for members of the LGBT community who have been denied wedding cakes by Christian bakers.

Satanic Temple leader Lucien Greaves fired back, saying his religion is a credible one.

"These are an expression of our deeply held beliefs," he said.

Greaves explained that the bakery campaign demonstrates that religion is a protected class while sexual orientation is not.

"Do you ever have an evangelical on and ask them why they need to force their Bibles into schools?" Greaves asked.

"What they're not doing is showing up at your house and saying 'Say the Lord's Prayer with me, Lucien Greaves, and if you don't then I'm going to sue you,'" Tucker countered.

"In the end this is about getting publicity and hassling people," Tucker concluded.

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