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'I Kneel for the Lord & I Stand for the Flag': NFL Fans Sound Off on Anthem Protests

As the National Football League struggles with the controversy over players kneeling for the national anthem, one school superintendent nipped in the bud any ideas his student athletes might have had about doing likewise.

Student athletes at Bossier Parish Schools in Louisiana are required to stand for the national anthem, Superintendent Scott Smith decided.

Smith explained that the sports teams are voluntary extracurricular activities subject to rules, and if students do not wish to obey them, "they simply don't have to be a part of that organization."

"Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that actually requiring our student athletes to stand for something so reverent as our national anthem would be a national issue," the superintendent told "Fox & Friends" on Saturday.

Players across the NFL knelt or otherwise protested the anthem this week and last weekend to protest police brutality as well as to defy President Trump's criticism of their tactics.

"It's almost saddening," Smith remarked. "We have many veterans that live in our community."

He lamented the NFL players' decision to bring the national anthem into the protests.

"If they felt that whizzing of that bullet by their head, if they saw their family members come in without an arm or a limb, I think they may be singing a different tune, and it may sound a lot like the national anthem."

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