'I Kneel for the Lord & I Stand for the Flag': NFL Fans Sound Off on Anthem Protests

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Legendary football coach Lou Holtz recalled to "Fox & Friends Weekend" how he told his teams every fall to leave their causes at home.

"The first thing I told the football team every fall, we'll not use our football team to promote any cause, whether it be abortion, gay rights, gun laws," Holtz remembered. "You're not going to bring girlfriends, you aren't going to bring a slogan, you aren't going to bring a cause under our football team."

The National Football League's approval ratings are down again after more players protested the national anthem this week.

Holtz said that the split over whether to stand or kneel for the national anthem has caused a split in the locker room, harming the team's chances at winning.

"But sometimes there's more important things than winning and showing respect for the flag is certainly one of them," the former New York Jets coach said.

Holtz said many NFL coaches and players love the troops and their country, but, "a few people have distracted this whole thing."

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