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Eric Trump told Sean Hannity that even before his life in government his father had never walked by a police officer without thanking them for their service.

The president telephoned to thank an Indianapolis police officer, who was injured in a crash while protecting the presidential motorcade on Wednesday.

"My father is deeply, deeply patriotic. He cares about law enforcement," the third of the Trump kids said on Friday night.

Eric Trump also called out National Football League players for kneeling for the national anthem as they protested police brutality last week.

President Trump criticized their tactics, calling it "disgraceful" for the country, and calling on owners to fire those who did not stand.

"There's plenty of time for protests," the president's son said, asking players to keep sacred the one minute it takes to sing the anthem.

"We certainly have certain problems in this country, but we are so blessed on a relative basis."

"He's fighting for something that means a tremendous amount to this nation," Eric Trump concluded.

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