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Tucker Carlson said new video of a confrontation between a young man and young woman at the University of California-Riverside proves that there are serious flaws in the American education system.

In the video, the woman, Edith Macias, steals a Make America Great Again hat off the man's head, and begins hurling expletives at him.

"This represents the genocide of a bunch of people," Macias said. 

When a man tells her she is not allowed to "steal" the man's hat, Macias says "[expletive] your laws."

"Your ancestors stole this land, [expletive]. I'm staying here [in the United States] because [expletive] needs to be fixed here. Because we need to get rid of you all. Your freedom of speech is literally killing people," she said.

Carlson said the outburst says a lot about what children are learning in public schools.

He said Macias was obviously taught to hate our country, its laws, its customs and its history.

"Once you accept that everything older than the milk in your fridge is morally reprehensible and must be destroyed, the entire past starts to look like an uninterrupted nightmare of bigotry and oppression," Carlson said.

Commenting on a Massachusetts librarian that found the "Cat in the Hat" offensive, Carlson offered his own Dr. Seuss-like poem to criticize her.

Watch more above.

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