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UPDATE: Secretary Tom Price resigned just before 5 p.m. ET.

Trish Regan criticized Health & Human Services Secretary Dr. Tom Price over his use of $1 million worth of private air travel since May.

Regan said Price is a prime example of the "swamp" that President Trump is pledging to "drain."

"This is something I was very upset about because this IS the swamp," she said.

Regan said the flights were not the first incidents of "sketchy" behavior by Price, but another "nail" in his "coffin" of suspicious actions.

Earlier this year, Regan warned that as a Georgia congressman, Price's broker incidentally purchased shares in a biotechnology company which would benefit from legislation the Republican was about to introduce.

She said Price claimed he didn't instruct his broker to buy or avoid specific stocks.

"It's insider trading, isn't it?" Regan said. "Tom Price knew that he was bringing forward legislation on a biotech company, yet he goes out and buys that biotech company."

"Buy the S&P index!" Regan firmly suggested as a way to avoid obvious conflicts of interest.

Price said he would repay the cost of the flights, which he instead estimated at $52,000 according to Regan.

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