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Tomi Lahren Takes on Michelle Obama's Criticism of Female Trump Voters

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren joined "Fox & Friends" this morning to weigh in on several stories, including NFL anthem kneelers, protests of Betsy DeVos at Harvard and a school librarian's refusal to accept books from First lady Melania Trump.

Education Secretary DeVos spoke at Harvard Thursday and was met by student protesters. The protest was reported to be mostly silent, but some called her a "white supremacist."

Lahren said the "resistance" on the left is all about identity politics and using "labels" to silence people.

She said the left is now throwing around the term 'white supremacy' "willy-nilly," arguing it will be a losing strategy with voters.

Meantime, a Massachusetts elementary school librarian has refused Mrs. Trump's donation of Dr. Seuss books, calling some of the books "racist propaganda."

The donation by the first lady was in line with her predecessors Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush, who read Dr. Seuss books to children at events. 

Lahren said it's amazing to see how far the hatred of President Trump has gone in the country. 

"They really are putting their own hatred above the country, above their students, above what's good for everyone," she said. 

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